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Conference Dinner & Fountain Show

Royal CastleFriday, August 24, 18:00 - 22:00
Royal Castle

Participants are invited to join the highlight of the conference. The Conference Dinner will be held in the beautiful arcade of the Royal Castle, which was the official residence of the Polish monarchs and is the heart of the city.

Participation Details

The dinner costs GBP 70 per person, which is not included in the conference registration fee. Participants are welcome to bring their partners and guests (max. 2 persons). Ticket(s) for this event should be purchased during conference registration through our online management platform (ConfTool). The Conference Dinner has limited availability and places will be given away to those who pay first.

Royal Castle


EFA Honoree Award

After having pre-dinner drinks in the garden, guests will be guided inside to take their sits in the arcade. During the dinner, distinguished members of the association will be honored for their outstanding contributions to the association.

Fountain Show

Fountain ShowAfter dessert, guests will be invited to join the special viewing of the Fountain Show (10-minute walk).

Dress Code

The dress code is business casual. Although the event will take place during the summer, it might get chilly late at night. We recommend bringing a jacket to the dinner, as the temperature in the castle arcade might decrease in the evening.


The dinner is hosted in the arcade of the Royal Castle, restaurant Arkady Kubickiego.
Address: Pałac Królewski, Arkady Kubickiego, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland