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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

This section is designed to answer common questions and doubts emerging during your submission and registration to the conference as a participant.


If you cannot find what you are looking for, try a search using the "Ctrl+F" option.


User information in ConfTool

Question: I have a username and password from a previous EFA meeting(s), but they are not working, why?
Answer: Each EFA Annual Meeting has a separate database. Therefore, you must create a new account at our event management platform ConfTool. You can use your previous login data.

Question: Which email can I use to submit my paper on ConfTool?
Answer: Please register to the system using your institutional email. You can also indicate a secondary email.

Question: I do not remember my username and/or password, what should I do?
Answer: You can always retrieve your login information by clicking on the links "Forgotten your username?" and/or "Forgotten your password?" on the EFA 2018 login page at ConfTool, click here.

Question: How do I change my profile information (Institution name, address, emails, etc.)?
Answer: Users can always edit their personal information. After login, click on "Edit User Account Details" on the menu page or click on your name on the top-right side of the screen and click on "Edit User Account Details". If you need to change your email address, please send us an email (efa2018 [at] imperial [dot] ac [dot] uk).

Question: Why do I need to validate my email address?
Answer: Users who validate their email(s) will be given the rights to read and access the submissions where they are listed as co-authors. This happens only if the user email and email indicated in the submission form are the same! To validate your address, click on "Show User Account Details" from your ConfTool homepage.

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Submission Fee - 2018 EFA Membership

Question: Do I need to pay a submission fee?
: No, authors are not asked to pay a submission fee. However, the submitting author must be a current year EFA member (2018) in order to submit a paper to the EFA 2018 Annual Meeting.

Question: What do you mean by "submitting author"?
: The "submitting author" is the person who submit the paper via our conference registration system. He/she is the one who needs to become EFA member for the current year.

Question: I have never been a member before, how can I buy my membership?
: New members can apply online on the Oxford University Press website. Please see the information here. The page includes the direct link to purchase membership.

Question: I have a co-author and he/she is already a 2018 EFA member, do I have to become member as well?
: Yes, you must become member as well. Each submitting author must be an EFA member for the current year. Co-author(s) membership does NOT count.

Question: I am a PhD, do I need to become a 2018 EFA member in order to submit my paper?
: Yes, all authors that wish to submit to the EFA 2018 (main conference) must be EFA members for the 2018.

Question: I was a member, how can I renew my membership?
: If you were already a member in previous years, you can use the renewal link that was sent to you by email. If you have not received it, please contact OUP customer services jnls [dot] cust [dot] serv [at] oup [dot] com , or on +44 (0)1865 353907.

Question: I decided to withdraw my paper, can I get a refund?
: EFA memberships are not refundable and not transferable. Please note that if you wish to attend the conference in August, you will be asked to become an EFA member.

Please note that the EFA membership payment is handled by Oxford University Press (OUP) on behalf of the European Finance Association (EFA) – and that you will automatically become a subscriber of the Review of Finance, the EFA’s own journal. If you have questions about your membership or payment, please contact OUP at jnls [dot] cust [dot] serv [at] oup [dot] com.

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Paper Submission

Question: I want to have an overview of tracks and topics I can select for my submission, where can I find a list?
: You can also find a list on the tracks and topics page. Please note that you are allowed to select only ONE track and as many topics as you wish (within the track).

Question: I would like to submit to the EFA 2018, which information I will need to provide?
: You will need to provide information about your paper and be a current year (2018) EFA member. Detailed guidelines on the submission process are available here. We recommend checking the submission page.

Question: I made a mistake in my submission, what can I do?
Answer: Authors are entitled to change/revise/delete their submission any time before paper submission deadline (February 1, 2018 at 1:00 PM (13:00 hrs.) CET (Central European Time)). Click on "Your Submissions" -> "Edit Contribution Details". From this page, you can change/update: author(s), organization(s), title of contribution, abstract, topics, and tick-box options. Please note that to complete the action, you need to press the "Save Data" button.

Question: How can I change the track of my submission?
Answer: The system does not allow you to change track, to do so write to efa2018 [at] imperial [dot] ac [dot] uk (subject: EFA%202018%20-%20change%20of%20track) including information about the session you want to submit, paper ID number, paper title, and authors. Please note that this process might take few days, take this into consideration when submitting close to the deadline.

Question: My submission it is not displayed in my account. Why?
Answer: Your submission was not saved before closing the page. The system allows authors to submit a contribution and upload papers later. However, the submission process needs to be completed by saving the submission. On the upload files page, authors can choose between two saving options: "Save Submission, Upload files later" and "Upload Files and Complete submission". Please submit your paper again and if the problem persists, contact us.

Question: I do not want to submit my paper to be in the EFA 2018 anymore, what should I do?
Answer: Login to your account and click on "Your Submissions" -> "Withdraw Contribution" -> "Yes, withdraw contribution". You will shortly receive a confirmation email about your withdrawal. Please note that the 2018 EFA membership is not refundable and not transferable.

Question: I have not received the submission confirmation email, why?
Answer: There might be different reasons why you have not received the confirmation email. Before taking any action, please check: 1) that your email is spelled correctly. To do so, click on your name on the top-right side of the screen and click on "Edit User Account Details", 2) check your email spam folder, 3) re-send another confirmation email by clicking on "Your Submissions" -> "Edit Contribution Details" and save your submission again. If you have not received the confirmation email, please get in contact with your email provider at your institution. ConfTool emails may be blocked before reaching your inbox.

Question: I have registered a submission but not uploaded any files yet, how do I add the files to the submission?
: In order to upload the files to your submission, you have to log into ConfTool (https://www.conftool.com/efa2018). On the overview page, click "Your Submission", and then click "Upload Contribution" among the options on the right-hand side. There you will be able to upload the anonymous and complete version of your paper.

Question: What implies the Review of Finance (RF) solicitation?
Answer: The RF will receive information about the best 30 papers submitted to the conference. The editor might contact the author(s) in order to invite them to submit their paper to the RF. It is the choice of the auhtor(s) to decide for or against the invitation. Please note that this is NOT a dual submission.

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Submission to special sessions

Question: I would like to submit to a special session, how could I do it?
 You can submit the paper to any of the tracks available (list here). All papers submitted to the conference are considered for special sessions. Therefore, we do not have any specific track for special session. If you wish, during submission, you can include the words “special sessions” in the keywords field.

Question: How can I specify that my submission should be considered for the special sessions?
 You do not need to specify it.

Question: How can I specify that my submission should NOT be considered for the special sessions?
On the submission form page (Submission of a Contribution - Step 1) tick the appropriate box.

Question: Which track/topic(s) should I choose to be considered for the special sessions?
 You can submit to any track/topic(s). Use the keywords field to edit any words relevant to the special session. If you wish, you can include the words “special sessions”.

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Submission to doctoral events (Doctoral Tutorial and Doctoral Workshop)

Question: How can I submit/apply to the doctoral events?
The submission for the Doctoral Tutorial and Doctoral Workshop will open on February 15 and close on March 15, 2018. At the doctoral events page, you can find the links with to display more information.

Question: Can I submit to both the EFA 2018 and Doctoral Tutorial? Can I submit/apply to both the EFA 2018 and Doctoral Workshop?
Yes, you can. You must apply on both systems (EFA 2018 system and doctoral events system).

Question: Where can I find detailed information?
The EFA central website displays detailed information about the doctoral events and submission information. Website: www.european-finance.org.

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Registration to the EFA 2018 Annual Meeting

Question: When does the registration open?
: Registration for the EFA 2018 Annual Meeting will open in late April 2018 and will close on August 1, 2018. Please note that the registration is considered complete only after payment.

Question: Where can I find information about the registration to the conference?
: Information about registration to the conference will be posted online by the end of March 2018. Registration fees will be in line with previous years' EFA Annual Meetings but in GBP (British Pound).

Question: How do I register?
: All participants must register online through our conference management system ConfTool. If you submitted a paper and/or acted as reviewer, you can use your existing user account.

Question: Can I attend the conference if I do not present a paper?
: Yes, the conference is also open to participants who do not present papers.

Question: Where can I find documents to apply for Visa?
Answer: For those participants who need a visa to enter the European Union, we recommend getting in contact with your local Embassy or Consulate. As organizers, we are entitled to issue an invitation letter. Please note that the invitation letter will only be released for those participants who have completed and paid their registration fee. As organizer, we reserve the right to decide if the invitation letter is issued or not. To get your invitation letter, contact Warsaw School of Economics.

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