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Fountain Show

Fountain ShowFriday, August 24, 22:00 - 22:30
Multimedia Fountain Park

The city of Warsaw offers all participants a special viewing of the multimedia fountain show. This fascinating “water-light-sound” show is a visual delight combining music, light, and fountains.

The Bear Prince

"The Bear Prince” story will be projected on the water screen this season. A beautiful, touching story of love will entwine with a spectacular dance of fountains to the rhythm of music in the company of colourful lasers. "The Bear Prince”, is an adaptation of a Varsovian legend of a Masovian prince, who, led by his love for a beautiful townswoman, overcomes his shyness and to confess his love for her. Unfortunately, the girl’s heart is not meant for him, and the whole story ends with… But this we will not reveal, because it is best to see the outcome with your own eyes, and to feel the energy which, togehter with an incredible combination of water and lasers, adds to the dramaturgy of the presented tale.

More information at http://park-fontann.pl/en/park-fontann-en/

Fountain Show